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Dedication Page

Within the opening few pages of most books- before the introduction, before the table of contents- is the dedication page. It’s the place where the author can thank the people who have helped, assisted and inspired the work and where the author can dedicate the work to those who mean the most to his life and the life of the work.

I may be one of the few people who routinely read the dedication page in books. I like seeing who has inspired the author and who the author wants to honor in the dedication of the book.

My family and I are beginning a new work. I have been called to First Baptist Church, Electra, TX as their pastor and at the beginning of this new work, I would like to write my dedication page.

First, my parents and in-laws. Thank you for babysitting and being available when we needed it. Thank you for all the Sunday lunches and dinners. Dad, thanks for allowing me to teach with you and expanding my thinking. We will miss not being able to see you all the time.

San, I have great respect for your wisdom and insight. You read situations better than anyone I know. Thank you for investing time in me and loving my boys.

Eric, thank you for giving me a chance when I knew nothing about pizza and nothing about business. Thanks for teaching me how an organization runs and how to step in and lead. Thank you for embodying who a Christian businessman is supposed to be.

Eleven 11 team (John, Eric and Val, Nathan and others), I loved every minute of what we did during those three years. In the same way that Eric taught be about business, you taught me about the church: what it should look like and what it should be about. John, I learned so much from you about communication and about giving people an opportunity to meet God, those are things I desire to incorporate in my new position.

Jody, Christian, Hunter, you taught me so much of what I know about ministry.

Gary, Randel, Dr. D, you are the three Senior Pastors I have sat under during my adult life. I know I didn’t learn enough from you as I could have (which I regret) but I have great respect for each of you and for what you have poured into the local church. I am confident that as problems, need or circumstances arises, I can reach out to you for wisdom, guidance and encouragement.

FBC Midland, we will miss all of you. Thank you for investing in our lives and the lives of our boys.

FBC Electra, I’m excited to get started and see what God will do. I know I won’t be perfect; I’ll make mistakes and there will be things that I’ll learn as we go. We are excited to get to know you and make new friends. I know that I’ll learn from you and I pray that you’ll learn from me and together we can love the people of Electra and see God change the lives of people.

Here we go…

Chapter 1