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When Selfless Love and Selfish Love Fall on the Same Day

Today is Ash Wednesday. Today is also Valentine’s Day.

There may not be two more opposite emphases celebrated on the same day. Each one celebrates love, but two different kinds of love. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent- a 40 day preparation for Easter. Lent is often celebrated by fasting from something as a symbolic way to enter into the suffering of Christ and as a way to prepare for the joy of Easter. Ash Wednesday, Lent, Good Friday, and Easter are all about selfless love. The selfless love of Jesus who went to the cross to bring the forgiveness of sins.

Valentine’s Day, in our culture, has become symbolic of selfish love. Love shown by the buying of stuff- teddy bears, candy, and expensive dinners. This way of celebrating Valentine’s Day actually brings out the worst of “love.” It celebrates a kind of love that is needy, a kind of love that finds its fulfillment in materialism, and a kind of love that is given and received based on what it gets in return.

Jesus said there is no love greater than the love that causes someone to lay down their life for someone else (John 15:13). In other words the greatest love is selfless love. The greatest love is Ash Wednesday love, not Valentine’s Day love.

Today, let’s bridge the gap between Ash Wednesday love and Valentine’s Day love. Before you give that teddy bear and candy, and before you go out to that expensive dinner, first give yourself. Show Ash Wednesday love by setting aside yourself, laying down your life, and getting rid of any agenda.

Practice selfless love. Practice Ash Wednesday love.