The Secret Society of Mega-church Pastors

Sadly, there isn’t much that shocks me anymore within the underground world of church and church ministry. The two big evils of the human race, sex and money, are also found in the church- and I’m sure that is no surprise to anyone. We can merely look at the news headlines and find enough examples to make our blood pressures increase and make our stomachs turn.

What I find most disturbing is when church leaders use their power to manipulate, deceive, intimidate and rob from those they are supposedly “called by God” to lead. The two times Jesus was most indignant was at this very thing: driving the money changers out of the Temple and his words to his disciples in Matthew 20:24-28.

It’s for this reason that I find the subject of this news story so disturbing. To be fair, I have read Steven Furtick’s book and reviewed it on this blog for the book publisher, WaterBrook Multnomah. Let me also say that I am not against pastors writing books or speaking at conferences. However, I am extremely wary of pastors who lead through deception (either passing along wrong information or withholding right information) and who hold out their word as the final authority on biblical interpretation, faith and practice.

All that being said, please watch the news report as it pulls back the curtain of the mega-church and shows the multi-million dollar business behind it and the lengths some mega-church pastors go through to keep that business a secret, not only from those outside their church but also from those inside it.

(c) Ryan Vanderland 2014

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