Top 10 Things You Don’t Want to Hear From Youth Camp


After several weeks of serious blog posts, I thought it would be good to lighten the mood a little with another Top 10 list.

I could imagine that a pastor’s greatest time of stress each year is when the Youth Minister takes students to youth camp. That is the inspiration behind this Top 10 list.

Top 10 Things A Pastor Doesn’t Want to Hear from the Youth Minister When Students are at Camp:

10. It could have been worse…

9. I don’t know how he got it on the bus…

8. After the smoke cleared…

7. We wanted to see how high it would bounce…

6. The church carries liability, right…?

5. It’s never done that before…

4. The band sang “Set a Fire” but we didn’t hear where…

3. I thought the tattoos were temporary…

2. Will the church reimburse for bail money?

And the number 1 thing that a pastor doesn’t want to hear from the youth minister when students are at camp…

1. You can still live a productive life with 9 toes…

4 responses to “Top 10 Things You Don’t Want to Hear From Youth Camp

  1. “I don’t think she’s pregnant….”
    “I thought she was a counselor…”
    “It’s only a hairline fracture…”
    “I’m not sure why he ran naked down the hall..”

    • Ryan Vanderland

      I was trying to stay away from any sexual innuendo. And I won’t comment about people running down hallways naked.

  2. I was in a staff meeting with 8 pastors (3 youth pastors) when I read this post. Shared it with the group and those were the ones they all wanted to add to the list…. I threw in the 4th one because I heard a story once about a guy who did that once at youth camp… He’s a legend.

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