Retraction of Endorsement of CJ Mahaney’s “Christ Our Mediator”

In the last few months, I have been privileged to read free books and write book reviews for a couple of nationally known book publishers. The way this typically works is that I choose a book to read and review based upon a short description.

When I choose to read Christ Our Mediator by CJ Mahaney- I made my decision based upon the book cover and the provided description. I had not hear of CJ Mahaney before and had not read his previous book.

Today, however, a reader informed me through a comment on the post in question that CJ Mahaney may not be who he appears to be.

After a little research, I have concluded that, at this time, I must retract any and all endorsement of CJ Mahaney and his book- at least until all the facts in question have been  thoroughly investigated. Apparently, Mahaney has been at the forefront in a few controversies- with the latest centering around his Sovereign Grace Ministries, where Mahaney serves at President.

I apologize for not doing due diligence in researching the author before choosing the work. I also will try and contact the publishers of the book and ask that it be removed from circulation.

The follow links detail the “why?” behind my retraction.

Oct. 18, 2012

Oct. 17, 2012                                                  

July 11, 2011                                   

July 7, 2011          

Jan. 25, 2012

4 responses to “Retraction of Endorsement of CJ Mahaney’s “Christ Our Mediator”

  1. I understand the need to retract an endorsement of this man and organization based on the concerns you have. But does that invalidate the message which was apparently good enough to endorse when taken by itself? Disqualifying messages because of the messenger would lead to all of our messages being disqualified. Is it not possible to state that the message is sound (if, indeed, it is) but that the messenger cannot be accepted and, perhaps, even shunned? It seems to me a massive problem with much of society today amounts to discrediting messengers so that the message can be ignored. I would hate to be a part of this degradation within our society.

    • Generally, I 100% agree with you. You are completely right when you say, “disqualifying the messages because of the messenger would lead to all of our messages being disqualified.” All of our pasts, including mine, would disqualify us from any message of the gospel. I feel, however, that this case is slightly different because of the alleged victims in this case. My retraction is based upon respect for the victims, as opposed to judgement of Mr. Mahaney or the contents of the book. I feel it is best to take a step back from endorsing the book until the legal process has played out.

      Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting.
      God Bless!

  2. Besides C.J. Mahaney being the leader in charge when these children were molested and the group poorly handling this, there are other issues with C.J. Mahaney.

    Mahaney blackmailing Larry Tomczak and hiding the sin for over 10 years while at the same time writing various books including the book on “humility.” Mahaney also after giving a confession 6 months later basically retracted his confession. This basically makes Mahaney unrepentant.

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