Top 10 Bible Halloween Costumes

The top 10 Bible costumes you probably won’t see this Halloween- and what you need to make them.

10. Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11)    What you’ll need: Wet hair and a bath towel and preferably be a female.

9. Gomer (Hosea 1)    What you’ll need: Umm…just read the story. Think Pretty Woman meets Gladiator. 

8. Goliath (1 Samuel 17)    What you’ll need: Be tall (7 feet tall, at least) and go ahead and cut your own head off.

7. Mary (Luke 1)    What you’ll need: A dress and a pillow; who doesn’t love a pregnant teenager?

6. The Rich Young Ruler (Matthew 19)    What you’ll need: I picture this guy looking like Mr. T.

5. Balaam (Numbers 22)    What you’ll need: A talking donkey, that’s all.

4. Elisha (2 Kings 2)    What you’ll need: A baldhead and access to two female bears (preferably hungry bears).

3. Isaiah (Isaiah 20)    What you’ll need: Nothing. Just walk around naked.

2. Jael (Judges 4)    What you’ll need: A hammer and a tent stake; people might think you’re a vampire hunter but remember your stake goes through the head, not the heart.


And the #1 Bible costume that you probably won’t see this Halloween…

Eglon (Judges 3)    What you’ll need: A sword, brown spray paint and to weigh about 300 lbs. Think Jabba the Hut killed with a sword. 

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